“Leap of Faith” in downtown Fort Pierce

In 2009, after entering a competition for a work of art for the new downtown Ft. Pierce parking garage ( funded by an 1999 ordinance to acquire public art to enhance the community), I was awarded the commission . My maquette, or small mock- up version of “ Leap of Faith” , was originally created about my almost sixyish soul and its personal desire to slow down, dive in, and smell the roses. However, as the enlarged piece evolved, it more began representing our beautiful city, Ft. Pierce the oldest city on the treasure coast, having seen its share of history, but looking into a prophetic rosy future.

After the wax version was completed ( using the lost wax method ), the entire sculpture was cast and assembled at my foundry, Shadetree Studio in St. Lucie Village, Florida. It was a stimulus package of sorts for our community, as I was able to hire four people to work on it full time, and also buy its products locally. Even the tree which was used for our mold came from a vacant lot on 25th Street near Orange Avenue!

“ Leap of Faith “ took four months to complete and consists of 3,000 pounds of bronze.

“Leap Or Faith” Pictures